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RRR Ribbons are upcycling awareness ribbons (and in itself upcycled i.e. handmade from used beverage carton). Make and wear RRR (Reuse to Reduce and Redcycle) Ribbons and raise awareness for upcycling! Today because tomorrow might be too late!
Are still you waiting for a miracle to happen?
Unfortunately, waste doesn't just dissolve in the air leaving no trace behind. We human invented waste and it needs us to get rid of or reinvent it! Crafting meaningful objects out of it is a simple solution. And the best part about this is: you can do too!
Act now - upcycle - this one is easy!
Go ahead and get hold of an empty beverage carton, cut it open, wash it and make your own RRR Ribbon out of it! All you need is a pair of scissors, a pin and if you want a little piece of wire.
Then follow this tutorial:

You can't be bothered to diy but you would like to be part of the big idea?
Either send this page forward to a friend in your close environment who would be happy to make you a RRR Ribbon. If you can't think of anybody, I would gladly send you a couple of them but please understand that this would cost you a little money! (If you buy or order one of my other re*creations, you will get a RRR Ribbon for free together with the product.)
(One RRR Ribbon costs 50Rappen plus shipping/currency converter)

Thank you
Thanks for your help raising awareness for upcycling. Please try to remember what RRR Ribbon stands for and to do reuse materials more often whenever it's possible! We could handle stuff a little more creatively a little more often - could we?

If you need inspirations; diy or get more upcycled goods like my products and Art/Crafts.

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See how it's been done.

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Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swissmiss wrote: Love these Recycling Awareness Ribbons by swiss designer Mayari.
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What's up?

Is on a BIG mission: making upcycling publicly well known.

Help me to do an upcycling awareness campaign. Use my RRR Ribbon! Link to my blog! Thanks!

Upcycling is a component of sustainability in which waste materials are used to provide new products. full wikipedia article.


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    Concept and implementation by Tanja Burgdorfer alias Mayari.