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The Product

"CLEVER", thats what most people say seeing and playing with or using this special wallet. The Recycled Magic Wallet is a niche product that values waste and promises better design.

Every single wallet is entirely and carefully hand-crafteded. Though Recycled Magic Wallet is made of used carton, it's a very high quality product, very robust and designed for everyday use.

The original, ready-to-go wallets look characteristically as you can tell that once they were wasted beverage cartons. I give each ready-to-go Recycled Magic Wallet a unique identity number and due to time management I choose not to make more than 60 a month. You can buy one of them right away or see how I make them (video under construction) to reproduce one yourself. You can also ask me to professionally craft your very own, bespoke Recycled Magic Wallet made from material you choose yourself.

Why do I make Recycled Magic Wallets?


I had to learn that this presents a big challenge, especially in today's world.
Firstly, because most people don't value or trust the quality of products that reuse second-hand material. Secondly, because we have so many products already on our markets, why should we bother creating and buying yet another wallet? Thirdly, because physical labour is not valued anymore, in fact we got as far as it actually becomes priceless...

But still, I can't help spending my time on this project. All I hope is to find people who like my ideas, my products and what I do too. People who choose not to waste their valuable time and money on dangerous, unprincipled stuff. People who happily trade their money for useful, fun and "good" things. In other words: People who value recycled, endurable and useful stuff like Recycled Magic Wallets. People who reward and support passion and skill which they can both find in my works and me, just another designer-maker-artist-craftswoman-optimist-idealist-visionary trying to be different by doing better design.

I strongly believe what I do is worth the trouble - for us, everyone and everything you care for now and in the future.

That's it - a bespoke Recycled Magic Wallet.
Pretty simple yet more than enough.
Clever as designed to be better.
Why? Dig deeper.

:: clever and functional

See the MAGIC of Recycled Magic Wallet: Put the bills or papers inside, close the wallet and open it from the other side. You will see the bills are magically stored! And stay stored.

(This movie shows a bespoke wallet made for my best friend. It includes a compartment that keeps together up to 12 cards and another one that stores coins. Be aware that the ready-to-go Recycled Magic Wallet "only" stores bills, papers and up to 6 cards.)

In photos its functionality looks like this:

I know, those who have never touched a magic wallet before wouldn't believe this works. But it does. There's no trick to it. Every kid can handle (if not understand) this wallet. I promise!

:: hand-crafted

The wallets are entirely hand-crafted and thus may differ very slightly from each other. However, I promise, this never affects the the quality and functionality of the product. They are made one by one and numbered as such. The higher the number, the more skillfully they are made, (as long as I make them myself of course).

:: characteristic look

See some of the different graphic designs... And many more are possible. Check out the gallery. You can also have your own design made by sending me the material - used beverage cartons or other suitable material like paper, cloth, plastic etc. I can reuse. Click here to find out more.

:: waste no more

Recycled Magic Wallets are made of recycled/up-cycled waste/material; they all were beverage cartons in use before. Thus, the wallet values waste, giving used yet useful and robust material a second life. Let's save on new resources.

:: time in design

Recycled Magic Wallet is designed to be a consumer product. Time in design i.e. the wallet's life span is taken into consideration. Let's face it: "forever" often doesn't exist - especially not with frequently used products. Like toothbrushes or trainers, depending on how carefully you handle them, Recycled Magic Wallets will wear off (or become even more personal) sooner or later also.

I'm working on a possibility how you can subscribe to Recycled Magic Wallets since they should offer you a valuable service in the long run. Like that, by the time for a new wallet has come, you will automatically find a new Recycled Magic Wallet in your mailbox. What do you think, would that be a useful service? Click (here under construction) for your opinion.

In the meantime get the wallets here.

:: price

Buy Recycled Magic Wallet online here at a price of now 27$.

Why that much respectively little?

To be honest, I was struggeling with the pricing as I want my Recycled Magic Wallet to be affordable to people with an average income. But then, it takes me at least 225 individual grips by hand to create one ready-to-go wallet. This takes time. Also considering the high quality good you get, the benefit it brings to you and the environment, the work it took me to build these websites, the time it takes to manage everything, the time it took to develop the idea and the final product itself. Believe me, I've spent months doing this already as a hobby.

I think now, by sharing this project with the world and possibly, hopefully contributing to a healty world by responsibly helping and serving people with an idea AND a product, this project should, in one's right mind, be worth something. I'm reassuring you, 27$ for a ready-to-go Recycled Magic Wallet and the idea that goes with it is a very good deal for you. As for me, I came to the conclusion that I should be happy with this pricing too. But yes, when it comes to financial profit, this is where todays system beats my idealism being a design thinker and crafts person. I haven't found the perfect solution to this pricing-versus-value-problem yet but I'm still thinking...

You still don't think that's a reasonable price? Let me explain it differently:

Basically, following is what you are paying for: The TIME it takes me to make a wallet (remember, I live and work in Europe, sadly respectively lucky me). Plus a little for the wallet's MATERIAL. Don't forget the SERVICE your Recycled Magic Wallet itself will offer you once you own it (being able to store your valuables). That's it.
Following is what you get for free: The CONCEPT (reusing waste in a responsible way) or the BRAND (a reputation, a well known name - which I don't really have yet since I'm new to the market).
Or vice versa.

Would I charge for both things, most people would not be willing or able to afford a Recycled Macig Wallet. Not now, in the beginning of the 21st century. But I want that all people caring about better design, no matter if rich or poor, could buy a Recycled Magic Wallet. I want to change things for the better now BUT I have my bills as well so I have to work with the system to a certain point. So I see the pricing as a fair compromise.

:: bespoke

I got professional in making ready-to-go wallets out of beverage cartons. But as I also love to and have experience in working with a variety of different materials. I try my best to materialize all your wishes. For instance it's possible to cover the beverage carton with fabric or any design printed on paper. Do you have an idea? Order your bespoke wallet here. Price negotiable.