logo  Tanja Burgdorfer alias Mayari  Dipl. Designer, Inventor and Artist says: "Hello and welcome to my website!"

Think for yourself - would a little less rubbish and a little less technology hurt us? Re*creations (practical-recycled-handmade products) show that less can be more than enough.
Mayari's Notebook Logo

Note down

Do you need to write down your shopping list or put an idea on paper?
With this notebook you can do it in a responsible, virtually climate neutral way!

Do more

Our markets still have many kinds of notebooks which means many people still seem to need them - despite the emerging of technical devices.

Using this particular notebook you can even do more. That is, you would help to change to a more responsible way of using material resources as well as energy. Further more you would support arts/design and crafts; handmade goods put as good as zero emissions into our air.

Are you ready to make a change? Order a notebook for you or your loved ones. A more sustainable world accomodating unique crafts and a happy designer would thank you!

Change the booklet yourself

You know what's another good thing about the notebook? You can make and replace the booklet yourself once it's full. Use the paper your like most. It's very easy, I promise! If you are really not the hands on type, you can order new fillings from me.

Your voice

Is this cool to you? Is this crazy? I'd like to know what you think! Please type in your reaction here.